Clinical supervision is an integral part of any therapist’s growth. In clinical supervision, practitioners meet with a supervisor to develop their skills, process their experience, and ensure good service to clients. We discuss transference and counter-transference and the uses of self in the healing process. 

I train professional social workers, counselors, and health-care professionals to expand the range of their abilities and techniques and work confidently with their clients in the following areas of healing: immigration and social justice, abuse and trauma, addiction, and energy imbalances. I work with individuals and groups.

Immigration & Social Justice

Clients who have experienced immigration and/or political oppression have very specific experiences with loss. In supervision, I teach professionals a concrete set of skills to address the social and emotional needs of this population.

Abuse & Trauma

Clients who have experienced extreme disturbances in their lives due to violence, sexual abuse, incest, surgery, and torture all require special types of clinical engagement. In supervision, I teach professionals to work with these populations and bring out the inner strengths these survivors possess.


Clients who struggle with addiction of any kind tend to be stigmatized in one way or another. In supervision, we discuss the disease-model of addiction and how to support recovery in a shame-free way.

Energy Imbalances

Clients who suffer from anxiety, phobia, and/or disorganized thought-processes often pose a special challenge for professionals seeking to locate the source of the problem. In supervision, I teach professionals the fundamentals of Reiki (Level One), and how this tradition of energetic healing can be combined with these professionals’ own approaches.