The traditional Japanese art of energy-healing, Reiki is a Japanese technique of stress reduction and guided meditation that has powerful potentials for both psychological and physical healing. It is based on the Asian concept of life energy (Japanese: ki, Chinese: chi) and is done either by placing hands just above the surface of the body or through gentle touch. In this way, life-energy is made to flow from the hands of the practitioner into the client, promoting both relaxation and healing. Reiki is fully compatible with psychological forms of therapy; in fact, a combination of the two is often essential in promoting healing.

Chronic Pain

Reiki has been shown to be effective in dealing with chronic pains that Western medicine cannot diagnose or eliminate. Working with a client’s perception of pain in the body, I help him/her explore and resolve emotional and energetic conflicts underlying these physical experiences.

Grief and Depression

Reiki is a highly effective way of working with clients who are not yet able to verbalize their feelings of sadness and low motivation. By working first on the level of their life energy, I help clients begin to explore their emotions by first instilling in them a sense of vitality, energy, and potential.


Reiki helps clients feel empowered in their personal lives and careers. By working on the level of life energy to locate both blocks and sources of inner strength in my clients, I help them develop a sense of conviction and possibility in their life pursuits.


Although no conclusive scientific research has been conducted with regard to the efficacy of Reiki in treating cancer, there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that Reiki treatment helps to boost the body’s immune system and its response to both cancer and chemotherapy. Furthermore, Reiki is a powerful way of helping sick patients deal with emotional issues that have arisen as a result of their illness. Reiki is non-invasive and thus fully compatible with Western methods of treating cancer.

Sexual/Physical Abuse

Clients with a history of sexual and physical abuse can benefit from Reiki treatment in conjunction with psychological methods such as hypnosis. By using Reiki along with these latter methods, I help clients discover a sense of empowerment in their bodies that is crucial for their overall healing-process.

Immune System

Clients suffering from chronic colds, sluggishness, or other minor, yet persistent, symptoms report that Reiki helps them feel a greater sense of vitality and wellbeing. Again, scientific data on Reiki is lacking, yet anecdotal evidence is abundant. In helping clients with immune-system issues, I often use Reiki in conjunction with psychological methods in order to discover emotional issues underlying their symptoms.