What Others Say

Here are what people say about me:

Oscar Gillespie Ph.D

"Atash is one of the best trauma release workers I know and can present her work with ease and clarity. She gave a wonderful presentation in my Mind/Body professional seminar, engaging everyone in the process so it became real and alive, yet tremendously compassionate and enriching. Atash has a masterful touch and the personal insight and experience to go with it."

Bonnie Harwayne, NYU Supervisor

"Atash is an outstanding social work professional, who possesses exemplary skills and talents. She has particular expertise in the specific needs of culturally diverse youth and immigrant law. In addition, Atash has spread her knowledge by conducting workshops on immigrant counseling to NYU graduate students who are studying to become school counsleors. Atash Yaghmaian is a rare combination of insight, fortitude, knowledge, and skill. She is professional who is at the top of her field."


"After a decade (plus!) of traditional therapy, I was ready for a deeper level of healing. I had no idea what to expect but took a chance on something new... What a gift! I trust Atash completely to guide me -- gently and compassionately -- through work that has opened my heart and set me free from long-standing pain."

Rachel Henes, Social Worker

"I have had the privilege of attending one of Atash’s trainings: "Addressing the Social and Emotional Needs of Immigrants". Atash’s keen understanding of the issues that impact immigrant youth and her ability to communicate these insights so effectively is a gift to other social workers and professionals that work with youth. Atash truly respects the young people that she works with and her deep belief in them helps you to feel empowered and inspired in the face of issues and systems that can often be disheartening. All of the participants in the training that I attended were excited to be part of a learning session that actually felt meaningful and useful – we walked away with greater awareness of our students and with specific techniques that we could use in working with them. We did not want the session to end!

Atash is an amazing social worker, clinician, teacher, and person. Working with her and learning from her is guaranteed to help you grow personally and professionally."


"Atash’s gentle, unique technique identifies what I am feeling in the moment. Her helpful feedback and suggestions are practical and easy for me to follow. There are then wonderful solutions available for my life."